Sunday, September 8, 2013

Things We Love: Rissi Palmer's 'Best Day Ever'

My son received a CD from a friend that was excited to share her recent find with him and a few other of her friend's children. The album is Rissi Palmer's 'Best Day Ever', and listening to the album makes you feel just that, like it is the best day ever. The following summary from is the perfect description: 

Best Day Ever features 10 songs---all happy, all light, all “comfort food” for the soul and is what Rissi calls “a sophisticated children’s album” while also being melodic nostalgia for adults. The entire project is filled with songs from the perspective of a child--the simple-yet-profound things that makes life the “best day ever” for children in so many ways.

Sophisticated indeed, this isn't a kiddie album of single syllable rhyming words. This album is the perfect soundtrack to describe the thoughts and feelings of children.  As an adult it will take you back to those feelings of being afraid of the dark, knowing that your parent's love was more magical than a unicorn and wanting to be a dragon slayer when you grew up.

The title track is the first on the album and instantly puts you in a 'ready to take on the day' state of mind.  My son's favorite song is 'Pretend' which has lyrics like "mom I'm not stalling, the President's calling, I've gotta be solving President's stuff. See I'm a big deal riding my big wheel..."

I haven't been able to choose one favorite.  'Dear To Me' is a song that any parent can relate to in trying to describe just how much their children mean to them "...if you were a smile you'd be the happiest, if you were a joke you'd be the laughiest. Of all the things that you might be, most of all you're dear to me....". 'Not Afraid Of The Dark' is my other favorite for parental and personal reasons.  As a parent you want your child to feel secure in knowing you will be there to protect them from those monsters under the bed or the shadows that lurk in the closet. As children and adults we all want the comfort of knowing that there is always someone there holding our hands helping us through our dark moments.  "I've got the light of the moon, I've got stars in the sky, someone who loves me, all of the time.  Someone who hears the prayers of my heart, so I'm not afraid of the dark".

'Best Day Ever' is a must for morning commutes to school and perfect for any road trip! In a time where  listening to the radio with your children is almost impossible (unless you tune in to your local NPR or gospel stations), this CD is a win-win. You won't dread hearing songs multiple times because you'll be singing right along taking a stroll down memory lane while hoping your child can relate to the songs on the album.  This CD has been one of the most used and best gifts ever!

For more information about the album and Rissi Palmer, visit The album is also available on iTunes and Amazon.