Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Service Ambassadors Needed

 We're looking for 4 Service Ambassadors in cities outside of Charlotte to assist with 13 Days 4 Love service projects in their respective communities. There will be 4 national (possibly international) projects that we will do in 2015, we will create the project. In terms of logistics, we (13D4L) will create/set up the social media event pages, marketing materials, online registries if applicable. Your role would be to identify a local organization or group of people that would benefit from that month's project, coordinate any drop offs, use the marketing materials to generate support within your community and to take a few pictures/video to capture each project. If you are interested, send an email to 13Days4Love@gmail.com by Friday, January 9, 2015. #CommunityOfGiving #13Days4Love #IntentionalParenting #GlobalExpansion

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December Service Project: Holiday Cheer 4 Children

For our December service project we have chosen to help the guests of The Relatives. This will be our third project this year that has benefitted The Relatives.  The Relatives hosts 9 children/young adults that are homeless or have been removed from their family homes.  We are doing handmade cards and gift cards for each of the 9 guests that will be with them on Christmas Day.  We are hoping that others will join us in providing items for each child.  Since some of these children are in transition, we are not wanting to give bulky items (such as stuffed animals) but things that are portable, fun, educational, motivating, etc.  Some examples of items that would be great are playing cards, activity books, Redbox gift cards, bus passes, gift cards to restaurants (the facility is on East Boulevard so restaurants in that area would be more convenient), inspirational books, etc. We don’t know the breakdown of boys vs. girls, so think of things that are gender neutral. We will be collecting items between now and Tuesday, December 23, 2014. If you would like to donate items, send us an email and we can coordinate meeting you.

Thanks in advance for thinking of those children that aren’t able to be home for the holidays.

Eboni & Tyler

Thursday, December 4, 2014

November Service Project: Desserts 4 Thanksgiving Update and Thanks

Thank you Onica FullerKaritsa KernsDonyell Stroud AycockMeeka J. ClaySidney Logan EchevarriaCandace Taylor-AndersonLee RichardsonSylvia RichardsonImani SmithKim FlandersAngela LindsaySahnia D. H. OatesRachel Bellotti AdamsBrittney BoguesTakierra Hopkins-ColeVictoria Garriett LampkinTamra BerryLisa HollisChristina Mateo LandryKameka Rowell-HallKimberly NortonKristy Perry & Carlenia Ivory for your generous donations for Desserts 4 Thanksgiving. Based on the pictures that were shared, 52 desserts were donated to the Charlotte Rescue Mission. It took us several trips from the car to the kitchen to get all of the desserts we had to deliver in. We went around lunch time so the guests were lining up outside of the cafeteria. After our first trip we heard one of the guests ask the gentleman that worked there what we were doing and he explained the project to them. With each trip they said "thank you all" and "bless you all". I'm sure if you reflect back on your Thanksgiving meal, one of the highlights was one of the desserts that you had (many homes have multiple desserts). Thanks to the generosity of all that participated, the guests at the Charlotte Rescue Mission also had choices for dessert.

If we left off your name please forgive us and share with us your pictures or email us so we can include you in our thanks. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!