Parenting is a thrill filled privilege, joy, surprise, heart pounding roller coaster of an experience that I am honored to ride.  I enjoy finding activities and events for my son to experience and feel its important that he be exposed to a variety of things.  From sporting events to museum exhibit openings to monthly service projects; the expression, "I can show you better than I can tell you" in my opinion is the best and funnest way to parent.

The purpose of this blog? A few, my personal journal that just happens to be available for public viewing, a review of events and activities that my son and I have enjoyed and suggestions for things to do, mostly in Charlotte, but every now and then a road trip is in order.

The name of the blog? The first 13 days of his life were spent in the neonatal intensive care and progressive units, I didn't leave the hospital until he was discharged. The number 4 has a lot of significance for me and my family.

On the day he was born, all 3 lbs 8.8 ozs of him

Hopefully you will enjoy some, if not most, of what I share.  Feel free to send me some of your favorite places to go, people to see and things to do at 13days4love@gmail.com.