Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

Before I became I parent, I constantly found amusement from stories one of my girlfriends who would share about her own child and things that she would say.  From her obsession with a deceased historical figure (mind you her mom nor I were even born when the person died) to some of her responses or ‘back talking’ that isn’t always meant as disrespectful.  Well I’m not so quick to laugh now that I have similar stories to share.

When he was younger, Tyler and I were in an office supply store and I was making a purchase at the register.  He kept trying to get my attention and I could see him pointing out of the corner of my eye, but I asked him to wait until I finished.  What caught my attention were the words ‘man’ and ‘pirate’.  I then asked him to repeat his question and he continues to point at a man that is wearing an eye patch and very loudly asks, “Mommy is he a pirate?”.  So in my embarrassment I tried to quiet him down, tell him it isn’t nice to point and tell him no.  I don’t believe the gentleman heard, if he did, he did a great job of ignoring him. 

Another time we were in a drugstore and we walked past an elderly woman with white hair and he (frantically waving) says, “Hi Grandma”.  **Let me throw a disclaimer in here by saying that my mom doesn’t go by the name Grandma, Grandmommy, or any other commonly used name, nor does she have white hair.  She definitely doesn’t look like the stereotypical image of grandmothers, as many grandmothers these days don’t.  Why the need to say all of this?  One to brag about the fact that my mom is really cute and doesn’t look like she has a grandchild.  But more importantly, I don’t know where he got the visual association with physical appearance and family titles.**

And OMG death to the phase where he and his classmates verbally hurt each other by saying that they aren’t each other’s best friends or by saying that I’m not your friend, such and such is my best friend.  Ooh wee, giving the ‘that isn’t nice, you can have more than one best friend’ speech has gotten old really fast.  What makes it harder is when it is a child that I’m not all that thrilled about myself (Yeah I said it.  And don’t you even act like there aren’t some kids you’ve met that just aren’t your ‘favorites’.) but I do the right thing and try to correct the behavior.  

What are some 'it wasn't funny at the time, but now I can at least chuckle' moments that your little ones have had?