Saturday, June 13, 2015

May Service Project: Pay It 4ward

Let me state the obvious.... yes, it has been a while since we have updated the blog. The reason there has been such a delay... it's a little personal, but stay tuned for the reason in a future post. This post is to share what we did for our May service project (and yes, we still owe you April's, but before I get further behind I figured I needed to get this out). For May we borrowed an idea from one of my fellow Howard Bison and her children, we decided to pay it forward.

We made note cards that said, "Have a dollar on us. Please pay it forward." and stapled a $1 bill to the back of them.

We visited the Dollar Tree on Freedom Drive in Charlotte and placed the notecards near/between various items throughout the store and quickly hurried out of the store. Tyler commented that it would be pretty cool if someone reached out that found one of the cards to share how they used it, I agreed but we know that a few people benefitted and that was all that mattered.

I kind of wish that we had been recorded placing the note cards around the store, not to capture the activity but to help me teach my child how to not draw attention to himself. Clearly I'm basically saying I want my child to be a better sneak, but he needs to learn the skill of being incognito, I mean how else will he successfully pull of planning a surprise party/event for me in the future?! ;-)

This was a very simple, yet rewarding activity that we would encourage anyone to do. Pick a place, it could be a grocery store, fast food drive through, doctors office (cover the co-pay or a certain dollar amount for an unsuspecting patient), restaurant, etc.