Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Explorers Of Greatness: 3rd Graders That Rock!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Let me tell y'all about those 3rd graders at Oaklawn Language Academy!!!!!! After the read aloud, Tyler shared our challenge to the 3rd graders to do a service project by the end of the year and boy did those arms shoot in the air. This is the one picture I took (my father was there and took more, we will post those later) from the back of the room. Look at all of those arms raised with ideas on ways they can help others. Some of the ideas included bake sales and donating the money to help others, donating old shoes and sending them to children in other countries, growing plants and selling them to donate the money, etc. And these were on the spot ideas. I won't spill the beans on the idea they selected but I was moved with the energy and excitement they had to come up with ways to help others. #TheGivingTree #ExplorersOfGreatness #CommunityOfGiving #13Days4Love #WRAD