Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mommy Meltdown: The Morning After Election Day....(Trust this isn't what you're expecting)

Ok, so your candidate didn't win, you're upset about the results of the election, I get it. And just because your people didn't win doesn't meant that your vote doesn't matter, lets be real, someone has to lose. Guess what, take that energy and frustration and turn it into change. Get involved in making the change you want to see in your community. If it really matters that much then you will pull your self off of the couch, re-prioritize and use your time, talent and efforts to do something other than spout about your disappointment from the comfort of your FB page!

Seriously, how much time have you spent this year volunteering and helping those that need it most? If you can write a check, great, that is needed too but don't talk about it unless you're going to be about it! And I mean how much genuine time have you spent trying to make your community better?! Not just the required hours you have to fulfill to maintain membership in an organization or because you are trying to get in organizations! Great you host events where "a portion of the proceeds benefit _________" but are you trying to increase the amount of proceeds that benefit others and not just your bank account with each event? Can we at least get a check presentation to see how much of our money is helping whomever? ****Soap box….stepping down….*****

Miss me with all of this pity party foolishness right now! If you are a parent, please be mindful of the dangerous example you are setting with any apathetic comments about voting and the process. If you have children who are old enough to understand and be engaged in the voting process, this is the perfect life lesson in perseverance or as the saying goes "there being more than one way to skin a cat" (which is so disgusting when you think about the image). My son and I started doing our monthly service projects for the simple reason of becoming involved in the changes and improvements we wanted for our community.  We didn't need any one particular government party to be in office to do this, we didn't need the approval of anyone accept the people we were trying to serve. What I DO know, is that WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Each and every month regardless of the size of our project, WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Join us in one of our monthly projects, WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Come up with your own activities/projects to impact your community so that you can say, WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE! To the over 200 people in Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Charlotte and Raleigh that received new pillows and pillow cases this year, WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE! For the over 100 patients undergoing chemotherapy that will receive a Comfort Kit, WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE! For the children that received some of the 250 pounds of peanut butter and graham crackers from Tyler’ Birthday Service Project, WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  What will you do so that you can say, WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE?!?!

Yes, your vote is a powerful way to make change, but so are your daily actions. Now more than ever is the time when YOU need to do something different for things to BE different! MAKE A DIFFERENCE!