Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Final Update: Comfort Kits 4 Cancer

Surrounded by 117 Comfort Kits 4 Cancer with Lisa Macdonald, Executive Director of Carolina Breast Friends

Team work truly makes the dream work!! Today I delivered 117 Comfort Kits 4 Cancer thanks to all of the donations and time put into this month's service project!!!! Each Comfort Kit contained fuzzy socks, sensitive toothpaste, soft bristled toothbrush, activity book, journal, hand sanitizer, unscented lotion and tissue.  All of the 'leftover' items were also donated bringing the grand total of each item to:
toothpaste- 119
lotion - 127
tissue- 193
journals - 163
activity books - 122
toothbrushes - 143
fuzzy socks - 150
hand sanitizer - 117

 Thank you so much to EVERYONE that donated!