Saturday, July 12, 2014

July Service Project: Hydration 4 The Homeless

We are going to pass out water to the homeless. Last year we did this and had given out 3 cases of water in just 2 blocks. This year we would love it if you and your family can join us on Saturday, July 19,2014. We will start at the Hal Marshall building at 11:00 am and walk our way through uptown Charlotte until we have given out our last bottle of water. All you need to bring are your coolers and 2-3 cases of cold water to help the homeless stay hydrated. If you don't live in Charlotte, you can do this as well in your respective community. Send me a message and I will create an event for your city with your meeting time and location. Please take and share pictures with the hashtags #Hydration4Homeless. This is a great and easy way to get your children involved in helping the community. #communityofgiving #intentionalparenting #13days4love

Pictures from last year's service project passing out water