Monday, December 30, 2013

The Pillow Project - January 2014 service project

In 2013 Tyler and I did a monthly service project either benefitting a designated organization/group or  volunteering.  Although he was only 7 at the start of the year, I knew he was able to understand service and the importance of giving back by helping others (in a future post I'll share my personal reasons why community service and volunteering are and have become vital to my emotional well being).

We have already started planning our projects/activities for 2014 and are starting the year with the Pillow Project.  This will be the same as what we did in 2013 except on a larger scale, we are reaching out to you to join in with us.  The Pillow Project will benefit three shelters (The Relatives Inc, My Sister's House and Men's Shelter of Charlotte) in Charlotte, NC, one (The Healing Place) in Raleigh, NC, one (IRIS Center) in Baton Rouge, LA and one (The Homeless Voice) in Hollywood, FL by donating new pillows and pillowcases.  Many of us take for granted laying our heads down in our own beds, let alone, on fresh linens and pillows.

In order to have an impact we need your help and the help of your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. You can easily participate one of two ways: by purchasing pillows and pillowcases and giving them directly to us (we'll coordinate with meeting you and we will take to the facility) or you can purchase via the online wish list (if you select Ship to Home, they will be sent directly to the designated facility). We WILL NOT accept money to be used to purchase items, only pillows and/or pillowcases.

Below are links about the shelters so that you can see the group of people they serve as well as the number of beds.  We thank you in advance on behalf of the children, women and men that will be able to lay their heads on new and clean linens and pillows because of your generosity.

Charlotte, NC: Wish List (items will be sent directly to Men's Shelter of Charlotte)
The Relatives -The Relatives is a system of resources that helps children and youth find shelter and support.
 My Sister's House -The mission of My Sister's House is to provide a program and housing for single homeless women in a safe environment, which provides resources to improve mental health, physical health, financial health, spiritual health and legal health and empower the residents with the tools needed to become self-sufficient and end their homelessness. 
Men's Shelter of Charlotte -We serve over 500 men per night, 365 days a year for less than $20 per guest per night. Each man we serve has access to all of our services for that cost. 
Raleigh, NC: Wish List (items will be sent directly to The Healing Place of Wake County)
The Healing Place of Wake CountyOur mission is to offer innovative recovery and rehabilitation to homeless alcoholic and chemically dependent men and women through a continuing mutual-help program. The program is specifically designed to rekindle the client's desire to return to a meaningful and productive life. 

Baton Rouge, LA: Wish List (items will be sent directly to IRIS Center)
IRIS Center - Shelter for up to 60 women and their dependent children. Services include free room and board, counseling, residential support groups three times per week, emergency transportation, children's services and emergency financial assistance. 

Hollywood, FL: Wish List (items will be sent directly to The Homeless Voice)
The Homeless Voice - Their mission is to provide the homeless population access to shelter, food, employment opportunities or referrals, as well as access to social services all toward the aim of enabling their return, if possible, to self-reliance.

Atlanta, GA: Wish List (items will be sent directly to My Sister's House)
My Sister's House  -Provides Emergency Shelter, Temporary Shelter Programs and Residential Recovery for 264 women and children.